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Frequently asked questions

how much does it cost?
Vocal Harmony costs £60.00 per term, a great price compared to other contemporary choirs. This pays for 10 weeks of rehearsals, and potentially an end of term event (depending on which term you join in). Payment is either cash or cheque.

Do i have to audition?
NO! There is no audition to join Vocal Harmony! You can come along to any rehearsal during the year and just get involved. There will be no focus on you, and you can simply join in from the back! At no point will you have to stand up on your own and sing!

can i try out before i join?
Of course! Come along to one of our rehearsals to see what we are all about. If you are happy with Vocal Harmony, and like us and our format, then we simply ask you to fill out a members form, and pay your £60.00 fee by cheque or cash.

will i need to read music?
NO! Vocal Harmony teaches through a modern approach, including call and response. Your part is played and sang to your group, and you repeat it back until you have learnt it. No music to read or learn and lyrics will be provided.

when are your rehearsals?

We run three 10 week terms in line with local council school term dates. Our first term starts around the third week of September and runs up to Christmas.Get in touch to find out the exact date of our next rehearsal in your area.

where do you rehearse?

We have theww locations around South Wales including Swansea, Cardiff and Llanelli. Check out all locations by clicking here.

what if i don't know my vocal range?
Don't worry! When you get to Vocal Harmony you will be asked whether you want to sit in the 'High, middle or lower' section. If you do not feel happy in a particular section then feel free to try out another section! We are very flexible at Vocal Harmony, and want to accomodate you as much as possible!

What are your concerts like?
Vocal Harmony usually runs three concerts a year. This includes our annual Christmas show where we run a free evening showcasing what we have learnt at the Choir (a great opportunity to invite your family and friends to). 

what if i'm really nervous?
Vocal Harmony will look after you! What is great about singing in a Choir is that you 'blend' in with other singers. We will never 'put you on the spot' and you will never have to sing on your own! Everyone is nervous when they first attend, but we try to make it as easy as possible for newbies to join in! 
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