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Our methods

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    You will not have to audition to join any of our choirs, everyone is welcome.
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    No complicated music to follow, you will be given a lyrics sheet. We also produce CD's and downloadable resources for all members to practise their parts with!
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    You will always sing with a group, and at no point will you have to sing any part on your own. Vocal Harmony uses 'call and reponse' which means your part will be played and sung to you and your group and you will repeat it back with other people - never on your own.

Our history

Vocal Harmony Ltd was set up in 2012 by Swansea based musician Bobby Cole.

Fed up of boring lifeless choirs that sing traditional music, Bobby wanted to create a choir format that is fun, exciting, and most important - easily accesible to everyone.

We started with a Swansea choir, and quickly expanded to opening a branch in Llanelli shortly followed by Cardiff.

Bobby is a professional musician, and has had his music played on channels such as MTV, ITV, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, and for companies such as BT, Red Bull, Adobe, DC Comics and many more.

Meet our choir leaders

Music Director for Vocal Harmony Swansea
Music Director for Vocal Harmony Llanelli.
Music Director for Vocal Harmony Cardiff

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